Password Manager

Password managers help you maintain a secure collection of passwords that you use at different web sites or in other applications you might use. The key things that a great password manager must have are safe, secure storage of your passwords and the ability to easily and quickly retrieve your passwords when you need them. Ideally a great password manager will allow you to paste your password straight into the form you are filling in, with the minimum of fuss.

We believe CastlePaste Pro is the best password manager available, for all of the reasons described above, and because it is much more than just a password manager.

Fill Forms

Fill forms with CastlePaste Pro for just about anything you can think of. CastlePaste Pro follows the current window around and can be used to fill in form fields containing any of your standard information, such as name, email address, postal address, as well as credit card details, passwords and other personal information. All of your personal and confidential information can be easily password protected and encrypted within the CastlePaste database.

Because CastlePaste Pro tracks the current active window and moves around with it, it effectively follows your work pattern, so that it is always just there for you to use.

We use CastlePaste Pro … every day !!

How often do you find yourself filling in a form on the web, or using your everyday software applications and you have the need to paste text into a field which you have typed a hundred times before. Computers are supposed to make things easier right ?

It doesn’t have to be that hard anymore. CastlePaste Pro keeps all of your favorite snippets literally at your fingertips. The CastlePaste Pro window follows the active application around your screen so that it is always just there … no more hunting for that list of passwords, or those common snippets of text, those standard replies that you email to your customers

CastlePaste Pro is not just another clipboard extender, it is a completely different way of dealing with items that you commonly paste into applications and web forms. We developed CastlePaste Pro to work in an intuitive simple way to make your life easier every day. We use it ourselves every day … you can too.

Download a free trial now … then purchase a license when you know you just can’t live without this software.

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CastlePaste Pro is Famous – Why ?

CastlePaste Pro is a unique piece of software that was conceived out of a simple need to easily paste repetitive information into the current application, fill in forms, manage sensitive password information and other private information. At the time there was nothing remotely like it on the web, so we wrote something for ourselves.

Over the years it has evolved to add more necessary features, but we have tried to maintain the simple specific focus that makes it successful.

CastlePaste Pro is a password manager which you can use to safely store your private information, yet make it available quickly and easily when you need it. Password protected paste items are stored in the database as AES encrypted pieces of information.

It is also a form filler and snippet manager, which you can use to store all of your commonly pasted items and make them available quickly and easily when you need them. CastlePaste Pro follows your work pattern, so it’s available at your fingertips when you need it.

The team over at agree with us and have awarded CastlePaste Pro the Famous Software Award.