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As at 25 May 2017, licenses for CastlePaste Pro are no longer available for purchase. CastlePaste Pro has been superseded by a new product called PasswordPaste.

CastlePaste Pro is trialware. You can download CastlePaste Pro and try it out for free for up to 30 days before you need to purchase. Please take advantage of this trial period to determine if CastlePaste Pro is the right software for you.


Single user  
2 - 10 users (each)  
11 - 25 users (each)  
26 - 50 users (each)  
51 - 99 users (each)  
100+ users (each)  


IMPORTANT - Spam Filters

Your registration key will be sent via email. You must make sure that your email system is going to let through emails from CastleSoftware.biz, RegNow.com and SWReg.org. If your spam filters do not let our email through then you are not likely to receive your registration email. It is highly unusual for activation keys to take longer than 48 hours to be delivered, so if you have not received your activation key within 48 hours of ordering, please :

1) Check your spam filters and reconfigure if necessary
2) Email us and ask us to re-send your activation key email.

Payment Methods

American Express
Diner's Club
US Check
International Money Order
Bank Wire


Installing CastlePaste Pro
Configuring paste items
Rich text paste items
Password protection
Caching your password



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