Features, Benefit and Uses

CastlePaste Pro makes it quick and easy to paste your information into almost any application. You will save yourself time and effort by using CastlePaste Pro to handle all of your Paste Items. Once you have set up your Paste Items, you no longer need to cut and paste from other documents – just paste from CastlePaste Pro’s list of Paste Items.

With CastlePaste Pro, your information is always there when you need to paste it – no more finding documents, opening them and then looking for the information you want and then copying it to the clipboard ….

Paste Items are pasted at the current point in the active application. Simply select the Paste Item to paste and then keep on typing

CastlePaste Pro can be used for so many different tasks that it is impossible to list them all. Below we have described a number of the features and benefits and also some of the possible uses for CastlePaste Pro.

Password Manager

Use CastlePaste Pro as a password manager which can paste your password wherever you need it to. Paste your password into web forms when logging in to web sites, and in to applications running on your Windows computer.

Password Protected and Encrypted

For paste items that you choose to password protect, CastlePaste Pro will encrypt the paste item in the database and prompt you for a password when you try to use it, view it or edit it. Of course, you can also choose to cache your password for any period of time to save you having to enter your password every single time if you want to.

Fill in Online Forms

Use CastlePaste Pro as a form filler, to fill in forms on web pages. Store your personal information such as your name, email address, phone number, web address URLs, facebook account page, credit card details … whatever you need to paste to fill forms.

Store Credit Card Numbers

To make CastlePaste Pro a secure application for use as a password manager, we built in password protection and encryption. This also makes CastlePaste Pro ideal for safely storing your credit card numbers for pasting into online forms.

Follows the Active Application

CastlePaste Pro is not a browser add-in or toolbar, it is a full application in its own right. This means that it is free to follow around the active application, whatever that application may be … Microsoft Word ? Outlook ? Internet Explorer ? Firefox ? Safari ? Skype ? Yahoo Messenger ? CastlePaste Pro will follow them all.

Customizable Tracking

The tracking described above is automatic and built in functionality within CastlePaste Pro. However there is also the ability to customize the way that CastlePaste tracks the active application. You may decide that you don’t want CastlePaste to follow some applications or windows with a certain text in the title. This is all possible in CastlePaste Pro.

Code Snippets

If you are developer then you may like to use CastlePaste Pro to store your commonly used code snippets which you can paste into your development tool when needed.

Rich Text

Plain text paste items will paste into the current point of the current application using the currently selected font and size. Make use of Rich Text paste items to store RTF formatted text, images and other objects. Paste these into an application that supports RTF and your text colour, font, size and images are maintained as you created them.

Uses the Standard Windows Clipboard

CastlePaste Pro makes use of the standard Windows clipboard to copy paste items to the current application.

Customizable Pasting

If the application you want to paste into needs a special combination of keys in order to work then CastlePaste Pro allows you to customze the paste event for that application.

Standard Email Replies

If you are running a business that deals with email then often there are standard paragraphs or even whole email replies where it would be far easier to be able to paste the text in at will every time than to have to type it every time or copy and paste it from another email.