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We are currently preparing a suite of online video tutorials to take you step by step through a number of the key aspects of CastlePaste Pro.

  • Installing CastlePaste Pro
  • Configuring paste items
  • Rich text paste items
  • Password protection
  • Caching your password


System Requirements

CastlePaste Pro is a 32-bit software program designed for Microsoft Windows. Earlier versions ran under Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. Since version 2.x, we have not tested under these older operating systems, but rather have focussed testing on the newer Windows operating systems. CastlePaste Pro has been tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit with no known problems.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently asked questions, and their answers will appear here from time to time as they are asked.

I want to back up my paste items – what do I back up ?
The CastlePaste.db file in the Data folder contains most of the CastlePaste Pro settings and configuration. Backing up this file will get back all of your paste items should you ever need to reinstall your computer or you suffer a hard drive failure etc


Can I paste images into my graphics program ?
Images and OLE objects set up in Rich Text paste items are copied and pasted as RTF (Rich Text Format). If the application you are pasting into does not support RTF then pasting will probably not work. For example, you can’t use CastlePaste to paste images into Paint Shop Pro, because Paint Shop Pro (v7) does not allow pasting of items in RTF format.


I love CastlePaste Pro. Do you write other software ?
Yes, we have a number of software products which you can check out at our other web sites.

WorldTimer is a world time zone clock.
NewzAlert Composer is an RSS feed editor.
CastleBar is a ‘clever menu thing’
… and there is more software from Castle Software.