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Password managers help you maintain a secure collection of passwords that you use at different web sites or in other applications you might use. The key things that a great password manager must have are safe, secure storage of your passwords and the ability to easily and quickly retrieve your passwords when you need them. Ideally a great password manager will allow you to paste your password straight into the form you are filling in, with the minimum of fuss.

We believe CastlePaste Pro is the best password manager available, for all of the reasons described above, and because it is much more than just a password manager.

Set up your passwords in CastlePaste Pro in much the same way as you would set up any other paste item. As with all paste items, you can create your own menu hierarchy with folders to organize common items together. Once you have set up your paste item, simply check the password protect box.

All password protected items are encrypted in the database to keep them safe and secure from prying eyes.

When you want to use one of your stored passwords, simply paste it into the current application like you would any other paste item. The key difference with password protected items being that whenever you try to view, use or edit a password protected item, CastlePaste will prompt you for your master password.

There may be times when you spend a significant amount of time working at your computer, and this may involve pasting passwords from your password manager multiple times. You don't necessarily want to be prompted for your master password every time, as you are still at your computer and you know it is safe to just paste your password protected items. This is where password caching is a fasntastic feature.

Password caching allows you to cache your master password for a period of time specified by you. Imagine that you previously did not have a cache period set, or the cache period has expired. Next time you try to use, view or edit a password protected paste item, CastlePaste will prompt you to enter your master password. If you use, view or edit password protected paste items again within the cache period of time, then you are not prompted again for your master password.

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