What Our Users Say About CastlePaste Pro

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Mike Wallis (Aywin Pty Ltd)
Excellent product for pasting those repetitive words etc. I used it for filling out monthly tax assessments where the same number / amount is calculated each month. Very nice for businesses doing forms where the figure never changes but is used every month. Simply use the drop down menu find the amount and select it. No more typing the same amounts over and over again and making errors. Hides itself very nicely in the top task bar but is ready for use immediately when needed. Very convenient not having to go searching for the icon to open the program like a lot of other paste programs I have tried. I also used it for form filling by having information like name, address, email etc. Just make a new folder and place all information in that folder. Very easy to add a new paste item or a new folder to put paste items into. It would be nice to see a password protect ability on individual paste items, so that it could be used to store passwords etc. Install was quick and easy using windows 7 without any problems at all. Icon in the top task bar was slightly hiding the minimise button so went to settings made quick adjustments to move the icon to the left. Quick and easy to configure. The program uses minimal resources so should perform well on even the most basic of machines. Over all a very nice compact program that makes tedious work a lot easier. Great.


Kateri Ellison
I just want to thank you for this wonderful software. Finally–FINALLY–I have a program that replaces my beloved old Win98 ClipTray that I have used in all newer Windows versions since then until now.

I went searching–again–for a replacement that is not a Clipboard Extender because ClipTray was not working smoothly with Windows 7 x64. The many, many clipboard extenders that I have looked at over these many years are bloated and not what I was looking for.

CastlePaste is PERFECT. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ClipTray is finally in its well-deserved retirement.


Craig Clemens
I recently ordered CastlePaste Pro. What really impressed me was the excellent customer support. The staff at Castle answered all of my emails within minutes, and were very knowledgable and professional. It’s nice to know that there are still companies online that care for their customers. If anyone would like to contact me personally regarding this company, they may do so at craig@doubleyourdating.com.


Perry Thompson
You certainly have been one of the most attentive and pleasant customer service representatives I have ever had the pleasure of working with either by email, telephone or in person. Thank you for such outstanding service. It’s greatly appreciated.


Michael Gantt
Very cool software, I am very happy to support your efforts by purchasing it. I looked at a number of similar products first. Yours is very easy and convenient to use. The way it follows the active window and can be activated by merely clicking the icon in the title bar is the most important feature, so far.


Henry Wu
CastlePaste PRO is the best cut and paste replacement tool ever !!. I use it all the time and pasting has never been easier.


S.M. Thorburn
I have just started using Castle Paste, and thought I would let you know, that I think it is brilliant. I am using it for business envelopes at this stage, it is so quick and easy to use. A satisfied customer….


Steve Hunter
I just downloaded the trial version of CastlePaste PRO and I’m VERY impressed. I will definitely be purchasing this product. …I would pay more. It’s going to really help me…


Shaughn Prestidge (www.releaseram.com)
I also run a software web site and each day I am getting more email questions from customers as my website grows in visitor numbers. I have been using your CastlePaste Pro and it is great because it helps me reply quickly to some commonly asked questions with just a click of a button. If it hadn’t been for your program I would be here at it all day answering emails, typing the same stuff over and over. It sure helps me to give my customers better service with more prompt replies. Thanks


Andrew Ross, (Kiwi Enterprises – Home of Kiwi Syslog Daemon and Kiwi CatTools.)
Using CastlePaste Pro with Outlook e-mail has tremendously improved my response time when dealing with customer support issues. I use CastlePaste to paste snippets from the FAQ or commonly used web links etc. The customers appreciate the fast response and I can get on with improving my software.


Eric Peckham, Software Developer, (www.acusolv.com)
CastlePaste has definitely made copying and pasting a lot easier, and I do a lot of it! I don’t have to hunt down bits of information anymore, but have it all in one location and all it takes is one click to paste it into whatever app I’m working in! This is a great productivity tool!


Sherry Titus
I love this program. It makes moving products and html codes a breeze. Thanks


Chris Hoffman, Mystik Media.
I am a registered user of CastePaste PRO… I use it constantly throughout the day. Saves me a lot of time. Thanks.


Rick Williams (Digital World Media)
I Needed Help !!
As a website developer, I am constantly re-using bit and pieces of code to create websites for my customers. After searching high and low for a small program to keep track of all my snippets, I nearly gave up. I was using a simple text editor to keep track of all my re-useable code! This drove me nuts! I would have to hunt for the text files, open them, then highlight the area I wanted, switch to the application I was using and then paste. Too tedious and too easily messed up.

The Search Was Bleak
I thought I had found a solution, but it only worked with one application and was limited to only 25 items. When I found out about CastlePaste Pro, I couldn’t believe it! Here it was, THE ONLY CLIPBOARD MANAGER I WOULD EVER NEED!

Versatility – A Must !
Now, I can use everything I would ever type in repeatedly in every application from my word processor to my accounting software to my development tools. Way Cool!

And Simple To Use !
It only took a few moments to get up and going with CastlePaste Pro. Now I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

Make More Money !
It should be mentioned that having this powerful yet simple tool at my disposal has made me more productive. Now I can do the same tasks in less time. And since I bill my clients per task, that means I get more done! I love CastlePaste Pro!

My Only Gripe …
Though minor, I do have to point out that I was slowed down a bit when trying to move my scripts into folders. I thought I should just be able to drag them onto the folder. The program does not work this way. You have to select the file (or clip) that you want to move and drag it into POSITION within the folder. A minor gripe, but it did slow me down at first.

Buy It Now !
Do yourself a favor and go to www.CastleSoftware.biz and download the demo. You owe it to yourself. You will wonder how you ever lived without this handy little tool. I did!