5 Reasons Why Being A Gambler Is Cool

5 Reasons Why Being A Gambler Is Cool

If you do things well, belonging to this world can be a point in your favor and even be quite attractive to other people

Being a decent gambler goes beyond making good gambling slot game decisions and being lucky to win money. When someone decides to be a part of this universe, but that doesn’t mean it should be a bad thing. To prove it, this time we decided to put the technical aside and explain why being THE good gambler within your group of friends also makes you the cool friend .

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They know about sports

A good bettor always strives to know the status of the athletes and / or teams he plans to bet http://1bet2u.com/ on in order to be more clear about his possibilities. Obviously all that information is not thrown away just like that, but can be used in talks with friends and family meals. Although many believe that it is not a good idea to discuss sports issues with anyone, it must be admitted that with solid arguments you can even earn the admiration of some.

They set the mood with a deck

All bettors of card games like poker , blackjack and baccarat should be in the habit of carrying a deck with them everywhere. Why? For the simple fact that, despite the fact that most of these games are quite simple, not everyone knows how to play them. If you go to a meeting that doesn’t look like a lot of fun, you can set the mood by teaching others to play or even gamble (even if it’s beans) with those who already know how to do it. Believe it, then you won’t want to leave.

They invite the chelas

Another habit that all good bettors have is setting a budget for these types of activities. This way, if they lose, it doesn’t feel like a big loss, it doesn’t affect the rest of their expenses and activities, but if they win, of course they can use that money for even more fun! If you place a bet on your favorite soccer team and win a good amount of money, you can take advantage of it to invite the first round of beers with your friends or even have a romantic dinner with your great love. Everyone will have a good time and you will not be affected financially.

They explain how to bet

It is common that those who do not bet are suddenly attracted by the bets that the one who does know about it makes. So if someone who hasn’t gambled before (or at least not often) wants to dive a little deeper into this world, they will turn to the ” expert gambler ” they trust the most. If you are those people, explain the whole thing about the odds , parlays , handicaps and other terms that only gamblers at heart dominate, you could add more names to your friends list and who knows? maybe they even invite you something with their first prizes.

They are good friends

Last but not least, a good bettor is clear about his limits. As you know, gambling can be a lot of fun, but in excess it could become an addiction. That’s why good bettors are there to help you place your own bets wisely, but they also know how to tell you when to stop without mincing words as they know the subject so well. You could even say that this is the main reason why being a gambler is a good profile.